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10 Best Home Gym Equipment Options Under $500

10 Best Home Gym Equipment Options Under $500

A home gym is a conveniently effective way to maintain your fitness. However, setting up a home gym is quite expensive, especially when you want to add various types of equipment. To make your home gym setup easy, we have curated this list to help you find the best home gym equipment options for under $500. No matter if you are seeking cable machines, weight, workout, or home gym setup, you need to consider adding the following equipment to your list of home gym equipment in Australia.

10 Best Home Gym Equipment Options  to Consider Buying Under $500 

Here are the top 10 home gym equipment options to consider buying under $500: 

  1. Red Lat Pulldown Mag Attachment Bars Back Tricep Training Grip Set

Price $350

It is a set of eight attachments each featuring a distinct length along with proper grip angle. Since it’s made with steel and rubber, the equipment is durable and non-slip. The attachments are great for several variations of Pulls, Lat, Flys, and Upper Back. Hence, one can boost mobility, flexibility, and execution. 

  1. Mag Grip Lat Pulldown Attachment Bars Back Training Set

 Price: $225

These Lat Pulldown Cable Attachments are designed to offer more comfort and better grip. Hence, one can get a firm grip to hold on to rowing or lat pull-down exercises. Due to the distinct angle and shape of the grips, one can exercise comfortably while feeling the muscles that work with these attachments. The grips come with a 10mm thick steel plate, which supports traction of more than 365kg. This makes it suitable equipment for people at any fitness level. 

  1. Adjustable Fitness Flat Bench Flat Incline Decline

 Price: $245

It is an easy-to-use weight bench with a 400 kg weight capacity. This bench is no pushover and is ideal to adjust the backrest inclination while the seat angle suits the user’s requirements. Some notable features of this equipment are a powder-coated steel frame, adjustment knobs, high-density foam, PU leather, reinforced rubber caped feet, 3 seat angles, 14 adjustable backrest positions, built-in wheels, and 3 seat angles. 

  1. 10 KG Iron Olympic Plate - Pair

Price: $80

Interested in strength training? Consider buying Olympic Cast Iron to fulfill your workout requirement. These carefully curated cast-iron discs are great for Powerlifting and Weight training. Plus, the thin profile enables loading of more weights for serious lifting.  

Due to the use of durable material for construction, these Olympic Cast Iron Plates are likely to last for many years. Ranging from 1.25Kg up to 25Kg, these cast iron plates also meet all budget requirements. 

  1. Olympic Hex Shrug Deadlift Trap Bar

Price: $199

Increase your exercise intensity with Olympic Hex Shrug Deadlift Trap Bar. This commercial grade hex bar is suitable for high-level commercial use. Due to its diamond knurled raised handles, you can easily pick it up from the ground while reducing strain on your back and hands.  

Choose this gym equipment for performing traditional deadlifts and squats. It’s also made with high-quality materials, ensuring long durability. 

  1. Vinyl Coated Dumbbell Weight Set 1-3KG With Stand

 Price: $59.99

This dumbbell set with a stand is space-saving gym equipment for arm exercises. The pack comes with 2 x 1kg Vinyl Dumbbells, 2 x 2kg Vinyl Dumbbells, 2 x 3kg Vinyl Dumbbells, and 1 x Dumbbell Rack. It’s good equipment for fitness enthusiasts at beginner, as well as intermediate levels.  

  1. Wide Lat Pulldown Bar

Price: $49.95

The wide lat pulldown bar comes with a strong solid steel design and hard chrome for protection against rust. Due to its large grips, it offers extra grip strength to the users. So, one can work out comfortably without any inconvenience. 

  1. Slam Man standing Boxing Dummy bag

 Price: $399

It is a life-size free-standing boxing dummy. It’s perfect for people training in any form of mixed martial arts. It is ideal for kickboxing, boxing, MMA, and all types of impact sports. Since it consists of realistic features, it replicates the impact and feel of different body areas, offering you a very specific punching tool. 

  1. 11Pcs Resistance Fitness Band Set

Price: $19.95

This equipment is perfect for muscle shaping and toning. It comes with durable latex tubing that’s perfect for strength training. Since it comes with resistance bands, users can use it for different exercises to target specific muscle groups. 

  1. D Bar Lat PullDown Attachment

Price: $55

This particular lat pulldown attachment comes with a wide grip “D” angle handle with a solid steel design. With its firm grip, it’s easy to perfect pulldown exercises conveniently for effective training. 


Selecting the right home gym equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. You can pick any of these 10 gym equipment to set up your home gym on a budget. Or consider investing in home gym packages to help you perform various exercises using one piece of equipment. This would offer you effective training while occupying less space in your house.

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