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Bicep Arm Blaster

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  • Guaranteed to help you develop strength and size.
  • As seen at the Annual Australian Health and Fitness Expo Trade Show.
  • This simple and effective device has been around for decades, and used by 7 time Mr Olympia - Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Most people utilise poor curling form; such as raising the elbows, swinging the barbell, arching the lower back - not good.
  • In order to to get maximum muscle growth you must place more emphasis and stress on the targeted muscle itself while minimising the effort of surrounding muscles.
  • By using this item you force elbows and shoulders to remain fixed, and promoting the targeted area to do all the work. This is a quick way to better muscle building and development!


  • Adjustable strap for all heights
  • Padding in areas that receive the most pressure
  • Strong steel construction
  • Contoured to fit easily on the torso